Saarth Shah is an ex-Martinian and currently a student in class 12th. He is a Game Developer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Hobbyist Programmer, Video Editor, and an amateur Golfer. He is also the creator and founder of a First-Person Multiplayer shooter video game called Project Recoil. Having been playing around with computers ever since he was 4, Saarth loves learning new skills and trying out new software-related projects.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, he saw a shortcoming in the society where daily wage earners were not able to get employed, so with the help of this non-profit he wants to solve this problem. Learn more about Saarth on 




Kabeer Mehrotra is a pupil of class 12 at La Martiniere college,reading English,Commerce, Accounts , Economics with political science. He’s an impactful writer , a member of the English Editorial Board of his college where he pens down articles in the monthly newspaper "The Martiniere post".He has a website of his own which he designed this year where he uploads articles on the issue of Global Recession caused due to COVID-19 Outbreak and how can the world cope up with it.

Through this non- profit initiative of Joining Helping Hands he stands with those who lost their jobs in the ferocity of the COVID-19 Pandemic and is looking forward to help people seeking jobs through this initiative.


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    Head Of Marketing

    I’m a student of class 10th, reading English, History, Economics, Mass Communication & Geography at La Martiniere Girls’ College, Lucknow.
    I have a good knowledge about social media and digital marketing. I’ve been a social media handler for quite a few pages including Paws and Claws and The Uncensored.
    Instagram provides a platform where organisations like Joining Helping Hands can connect to a larger audience online and communicate directly and publicly.
    I look forward in being a part of the core team of this amazing organisation  and work hard with the team for as long as possible:)

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    Media Head

    Aanvi Bhasin is a student of class 12 at La Martiniere Girls’ College, reading Science with Mathematics and Biotechnology. An observant, Aanvi is one who regards her surroundings with great critique, always looking for moments of wonder often left unnoticed to capture with her lens.
        She is  a core committee member of her school’s photography club and worked with Paws & Claws closely in the capacity of The Head of Photography  in the year 2019-20. She recently started a new venture, kadam- an organisation for the underprivileged children and additionaly is a founding member of ‘uphaar’. She enthusiastically looks forward to engaging with and offering everything in her capacity to the organisation and accomplish its goals.

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    Head Of Resources

    Aryan Sethi is a pupil of class 12 at La Martiniere College, studying English, Physics, Chemistry, Maths and Computer. He is a computer science enthusiast and has been into coding from the past 3 years and can never get enough of it.
    He is a member of the Editorial Board of his college and pens articles for his school’s monthly post “The Martiniere Post”. He is also a blogger where he writes about everything going on in the Tech world.
    The Coronavirus Pandemic has severely impacted our society with a very high rate of unemployment, and through this nonprofit, he wants to try to lessen the grievances of those suffering from this!

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    Head Of Graphic Designing

     Yashvit is a student of class 11, reading English, Mathematics, Economics, Physics, and Computer Science at La Martiniere College, Lucknow. Being a Photography enthusiast, he is a core team member of the Media Department of the college. His photographs have taken him a long way and have been published and portrayed not only in the college magazine but also at Dudhwa National Park, one of the most renowned places for wildlife photography in India. He takes keen interest in graphic designing and has helped companies by creating logos. He often attends Model UN conferences as a part of the International Press. Despite his hectic extracurricular schedule, Yashvit strives to maintain his academic balance and aspires to pursue Aviation in the near future.


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OUR OBJECTIVE is to help the local workers get work in COVID times as well as to help people source workers without venturing out of their homes.

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